New look at Art Basel by Polina Popova

Extraordinary vision of the world event of Art Basel by Polina Popova, an energy advisor and owner of the innovation center

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Paintings are a seemingly beautiful piece of interior, but let’s look deeper. What is hidden behind the brushstrokes on the canvas that holds in itself lines made by the skillful hands of the artist? All this is energy. In every movement, in every turn, in every hair of a brush. Everything in his heart, the artist passes to his viewer.

I am Polina Popova, an energy adviser, an expert with 10 years of experience in working with energy, biosphere and human structure. I will explain to you how the energy of art, art objects affect a person. How art can help to strengthen the qualities and personality of a man, how through art people can open their sense of feeling and flow of life energy to realize all that they desire. I deal with intuition and telepathy, energy intensity of a man, gifts, abilities and talents of people, mental health, energy in examples of paintings, theatrical productions, music, brands, objects and sculptures, money and financial systems, places of the world, facial expressions and human movements.

It is not necessary to understand art, it is important to feel and sense it. With every fiber of your being. Here you stand in the hall with paintings. What made you stop? And what to pass by?

Art basel, these are days of the strongest work of not only your brain, but also your soul. Art Basel attracts people from all over the world so that everyone can feel the energy of the creator. So that everyone can take for himself what he needs.

Watching the various halls, I felt and experienced different emotions and states. You can feel it first, and then your brain will collect all the visual images of what is happening in your space.

Art Basel Miami 2022

The artist and his works

You can see how they are similar, how the characters are similar to the one who created this work. What side of himself he showed at this moment in his life, what he wanted to bring to the world. By connecting with the picture you can enhance certain qualities in your personality. You are multifaceted; you have thousands of roles and sides.

Art reveals to you the feeling of the world and reveals your intuition. It is so necessary, especially now. To hear yourself and see the future. You are exposed to enlightenment and clarity of vision as you step into the study of art, art objects. You discover your flow that leads you to an abundant and orgasmic life. To a life where passion is born for everything you do and create.

Artist, halls and audience

By observing those who approach and respond to the works of the artist, it is possible to determine to which category the artist assigns his works. It can happen unconsciously. It will always be beyond the mind and science, it will always be about feeling.

There are halls where old installations and egregors are assembled. So that the artist still can’t get out, the feelings of pain and suffering, cultural codes. By watching such works you can develop a sense of compassion and love. But at the same time, these works can plunge you into depression, memories of your childhood injuries and your pains.

Art Basel Miami 2022

Here in the photo is very much felt the cultural code, which is so tightly sitting in the consciousness of the artist, transmitting through the rough textures of the picture, adding a half tone of the energies of anger. This hall also had an audience over 50 years old, people were looking at the works with interest.

We are entering an era of chaos. Chaos in the world is our stability now. It is time to embrace it. Some works are created out of the mind, as if the artist wanted to capitalize on the egregor of the popularity of the person he portrayed, even if he is no longer alive. Clinging to the past is draining your energy.

And pay attention to the work of Henrie Collection. It also tracks the energy of the past, but in a completely different way. His works are like runes which will give answers to your queries, as if the planets that are depicted schematically and carry the energy of scale, the universe spirit, by combining a whole spectrum of energies.

If you listen to your body looking at the paintings of Henrie then through your sensory channels someone can see, someone can get accurate clear knowledge that time is not linear, that the world exists beyond time, planets, numbers and letters.

Behind the artist’s back there is his great work, and I saw a connection to a painting I saw in the center of the mystic, medium and healer Edgar Cayce.

Art Basel Miami 2022

The painting below hangs in the center of Edgar Cayce, Virginia. It talks about the journeys of our soul, how the past, the present and the future can intersect at one point. It also talks about nonlinear time, about the influence of planets on the personality of a man.

Art Basel Miami 2022

You can feel that some of the works were created under various human brain catalysts, these may be the experiences that the artist went through with ayahuasca and mushrooms. He expanded his consciousness with such tools and later gave out his brushstrokes on canvas. You can get such pictures from your subconscious as well through dreams. Because dreams are a kind of portal from which we can also get all the information for us.

Art Basel Miami 2022

Watching some artists, you can track and feel his emotions that are embedded in the paintings through his physiognomy and body. How he walks, how he moves. How his energy rises, when he talks about his work and the period when it was created.

And if painting was not enough to get it for yourself, the emotions clamp in the body. A warm heart framed by a hard iron. All the pain of events about the intimacy and closeness of the artist gathered and went to the collection:

Art Basel Miami 2022

And another example, pay attention to the whale-unicorn of Brady Willmott

Art Basel Miami 2022

And now to the Brady’s portrait. In his eyes, the soul of the paintings, in his eyes, all this fabulous world that he shows on canvas, broadcasting the games of mind and universe spirit. The whale-unicorn is like a self-portrait. So it’s created on an intuitive, unconscious art level. When the person follows the call of his soul.

Art Basel Miami 2022

Each artist’s work, as a metaphorical map, I would call it more than art – it’s a transpersonal form of art, through which you can unlock capacities, intuition, and steps to achieve certain goals. There is no right or wrong, there is a feeling and a call of your soul.

Brains don’t enjoy looking at art. You should always feel it. So you expand your consciousness and reach a whole new level of living.

Polina Popova
Polina Popova

Polina Popova, an international energy adviser of business corporations and star reader of the Akashic records. She held more than 1,000 energy sessions with customers from all over the world, including many stars, opinion leaders and popular bloggers from different countries. As a well-known reader of the Akashic records in Europe, she successfully reached the international level and opened her own innovation center, where people can learn to read the records, transformational programs and consultations of specialists of energy profiles. More than 3,500 students worldwide finished Polina’s training programs. Polina is an admirer and owner of modern art. She delicately reads energy and openly shares knowledge about how to feel energy, live through the essence and versatility of art objects, paintings, music, sculptures and energy-charged places on the planet. She knows the secret of success and influence on humanity.

On January 27, Polina Popova opens her online innovation center, where the best masters and guides in the field of energy, numerology, astrology will be brought together for your spiritual development and reaching a new level of your life. With which you can take your quantum leap and learn your individual actions for personal success. Official website  

Check out @polypopopoly on Instagram Find more @Polypopopoly  on Pinterest and Telegram @Polina Popova

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