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Richard Johns and E Elias Merhige team for Promethean Pictures and animal-focused survival story ‘Howl’

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The Best Movie Server – Kaleidescape: The Ultimate Movie Platform Consumer Experience Video Now Available

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Falling: T.J. Newman writing adaptation of her survival thriller novel for Universal

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TruPro Elites Launches eCommerce Consultant Program for Business Owners

The new program allows entrepreneurs to leverage TruPro Elites' outsourced eCommerce experts to set up, manage and scale an Amazon marketplace

More and more entrepreneurs turn to Amazon each year to set up marketplaces for their businesses or start side hustles to earn passive income. Now, through the help of TruPro Elites, an Atlanta-based eCommerce consulting agency, entrepreneurs can leverage eCommerce experts to automate and scale a business and grow its revenue.

According to Forbes, more than 100,000 brands joined Amazon in 2021 alone, resulting in over 3.9 million products sold and an average of $200,000 in annual sales per seller.

"There is no better time than now for people to launch their own eCommerce businesses," said Anthony Wilson, CEO of TruPro Elites. "Whether it's a brand trying to increase online sales, an entrepreneur trying to bring a new product to market or just someone looking for passive income to save for retirement or increase their net worth, eCommerce businesses are a lucrative way to generate revenue."

Small and medium-sized business owners all face the same challenge of balancing running their business and having time outside of work. TruPro Elites helps individuals to achieve financial freedom by conducting product and supplier research, supply chain management and leveraging their team of eCommerce experts to launch and scale Amazon FBA marketplaces without huge time or monetary commitments.

"Starting an eCommerce business can be tricky to do on your own, but because we have helped to launch and scale over 100 Amazon stores, we have been able to unlock the secrets to ensuring success," Wilson said. "We help to identify the right products, audiences and setups to allow for people to earn passive income that yields consistent results and predictable returns in just a few hours per month."

Previously, in order to successfully launch an eCommerce brand, individuals or businesses would have to devote years of training or costly resources and hours to ensure a return on investment, or they would have to give away a percentage of sales on a revenue-share model.

Through TruPro Elites, now people can leverage unique insights and tap into dedicated experts who manage every aspect of an Amazon marketplace. TruPro Elites identifies a product, sets up the marketplace and connects entrepreneurs with a dedicated "Store Manager" who helps provide resources and training and teaches the business owner how to optimize and scale before handing it back over for day-to-day management.

Interested entrepreneurs or individuals looking to get started can sign up for a complimentary consultation call with a TruPro Elite expert by visiting

About TruPro Elites

TruPro Elites is an Atlanta-based e-commerce consulting agency established in 2021. Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving long-term sustainable financial freedom by providing reliable passive income options that yield consistent results and predictable returns. Our proven expertise has helped create over 100+ Amazon stores, and our motto "Trust the Process" reflects our commitment to achieving the best results for our clients. Our team coaches and trains individuals to successfully run their own Amazon storefronts, using a calculated approach to determine the right products to feature and sell, along with offering done for you and placement services. Choose TruPro Elites to guide you on your path to financial independence.

Contact Information:
Mike Albanese
[email protected]

Original Source: TruPro Elites Launches eCommerce Consultant Program for Business Owners

AJC Names Digital Additive to Top Workplaces 2023

Metro Atlanta's Best Places to Work Determined by Employee Feedback collected by Energage

Digital Additive, an award-winning eCRM-focused agency specializing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is honored to be included as an award winner in Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Metro Atlanta Top Workplaces 2023. This is the 12th year AJC has collaborated with employment research and consulting firm Energage to determine the best places to work in metro Atlanta.

A unique feature of the list is that it is based solely on employee feedback gathered by Energage through a confidential survey. This survey measures culture drivers critical to the success of any organization from alignment and connection to employee engagement and company leadership. Top workplaces are determined on how positively employees rate their workplaces, making it a genuine representation of the employee experience.

"Earning a Top Workplaces award is a badge of honor for companies, especially because it comes authentically from their employees," said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. "That's something to be proud of. In today's market, leaders must ensure they're allowing employees to have a voice and be heard. That's paramount. Top Workplaces do this, and it pays dividends."

Earning this recognition reflects high organizational health. Research from Energage shows that the traits team members value most in the workplace are the core elements of overall organizational wellness. Additionally, companies with high organizational health typically outperform their peers in their industry.

"We're really proud that Digital Additive has been included in this list. It shows in a measurable way that our commitment to building a supportive work environment is a lived experience by our teammates," said Kevin Moran, Digital Additive CEO. "It will also ensure DA continues to attract and retain the best talent."

About Digital Additive: 
In a world of one-size-fits-all communication, Digital Additive delivers on the promise of one-to-one. We don't talk at people, we engage them in genuine conversations. Authentic connection, real relationships: that's messaging done right. We get that. And it drives us every day, every send, to do it smarter than everyone else. Learn more and discover open positions at or contact Roxana Shershin at [email protected]

Contact Information:
Thrisa Powells
People Operations Director
[email protected]
4045515558 x 150

Original Source: AJC Names Digital Additive to Top Workplaces 2023

Digitunity Report Identifies Need for Audio Enhancement

A new report examines the role of audio enhancement in education, healthcare and other applications. NORTH CONWAY, ...

EquityMultiple Named One of the Best Hybrid Workplaces in the U.S.

The fintech firm that streamlines wealth-building and real estate investing for accredited investors provides the best of both worlds for employees as it adapts to a changing work environment. ...


Virginia Library Association joins ALA Joint Student Membership Program as the 50th partner

CHICAGO — The Virginia Library Association is officially the 50th state library association to be onboarded to the American Library Association’s (ALA) Joint Student Membership...

ShowPlace ICON Theatre & Kitchen Launches First Artificial Intelligence Film Series Curated, Marketed by AI

ShowPlace ICON Theatre & Kitchen MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 28, 2023 ( - ShowPlace ICON Theatre & Kitchen in Mountain View, Calif., anno...

The Lifetime Value Company Named as One of America’s Best Startup Employers

Forbes announced that The Lifetime Value Company (LTVCo.) is one of America's Best Startup Employers in 2023 for its fifth annual list. 

America's Best Startup Employers 2023, compiled in partnership with market research company Statista, evaluated 2,600 U.S.-based businesses with at least 50 employees based on three criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Out of a list of 500 employers, The Lifetime Value Company ranked 362

"It's an honor to be named as one of the country's best startup employers," said Josh Levy, CEO and co-founder of LTVCo. "We take what our employees want seriously, and one way we ensure we're on the right path is releasing an anonymous employee Net Promoter Score. Each term, our team is able to submit constructive feedback that we then apply to our policies to make sure that our culture continues to meet the ever-changing wants and needs of our employees."

To assess employer reputation, Statista searched articles, blogs and social media posts regarding each employer for specific phrases such as "corporate culture" and "employee engagement," and used text analysis to assess those as positive, negative or neutral. Statista assessed employee satisfaction by evaluating online reviews. Growth was evaluated by examining the organizations' website traffic and head counts over a two-year period. 

LTVCo. fell under the Business Products & Software Services category, which included 127 other businesses. As with all Forbes lists, companies do not pay any fee to be considered. Forbes also releases annual rankings for categories such as The World's Best Employers and The World's Top Female-Friendly Companies. 

About The Lifetime Value Company

The Lifetime Value Company is a tech company with a culture of innovation and passion for data. We build and ship best-in-class apps and web-based products and tools that put the power of information into the hands of our customers. Our mission is to help people discover, understand and use data in their everyday lives. Learn more at and on LinkedInInstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Contact Information:
Press LTV Co.
[email protected]

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VueReal Inc. Awarded $10.5M in Support From Government of Canada and Province of Ontario

Funding will help company scale micropixel printing solutions in Waterloo Region WATERLOO, Ontario, March 27, 2023 ...

Best Roadside Service Celebrates More Than 50 Years of Commercial Fleet Roadside Assistance

The company has helped more than 15 million members over the 50 years they've been in service, offering rapid response times and an unbeatable customer experience.

Best Roadside Service Celebrates More Than 50 Years of Commercial Fleet Roadside Assistance
Commercial Fleet Roadside Assistance

Best Roadside Service Celebrates More Than 50 Years of Commercial Fleet Roadside Assistance

Best Roadside Service, a commercial, fleet, and individual roadside assistance provider, is proudly entering its 51st year in service with an ever-growing client base and an ongoing commitment to industry excellence.

As a licensed motor club, Best Roadside Service delivers emergency assistance to millions of customers across the United States and Canada. This includes 24/7/365 administrative services that help businesses support their brand and membership base while ensuring that their drivers and vehicles are always well-protected on the road. Currently, the company handles more than 70,000 calls per month and gets customers the help they need fast with the industry's largest database of qualified auto service providers.

Over the years, Best Roadside Service has seen a sharp increase in the need for reliable emergency roadside assistance. The company's individual plans and commercial fleet plans are uniquely designed to meet this urgent need, and they provide a wide range of benefits that guarantee customers are never on their own when an emergency happens.

Some of the primary benefits that Best Roadside Service provides include:

  • Safety: Best Roadside Service providers protect drivers stranded on the side of the road, using warning signs, flares, and cones to direct traffic around vehicles in order to minimize collision risks—a must at night and during inclement weather.
  • Time savings: Emergency roadside assistance plans get drivers back on the road quickly, reducing schedule disruptions and keeping appointments, deliveries, transports, and other commitments on track.
  • Cost savings: Depending on their policy, Best Roadside Service customers can get expensive services like towing and battery replacements either for free or at a low cost.
  • Convenience: It's impossible to predict when car trouble will occur. With emergency roadside assistance from Best Roadside Service, help is always just a phone call away, no matter the day or time.
  • Peace of mind: Working with an experienced auto assistance team means customers can let go of any anxiety they might have around the possibility of a breakdown or other roadside emergency.

Best Roadside Service has spent more than half a century streamlining its operations and ensuring its membership club meets the needs of its individual and corporate customers. Contact the company today to learn more about plans, pricing, and benefits.

About Best Roadside Service

Since 1962, Best Roadside Service has provided individuals and businesses with reliable roadside assistance plans and 24/7/365 coverage across the U.S. and Canada. With an average response time of just 58 minutes, Best Roadside Service ensures that all customers feel safe and confident on the road.

For more information, please visit

Best Roadside Service
(800) 480.2812 x3
Send a direct message

Contact Information:
Kirk Schults
Best Roadside Service
(800) 480.2812 x2

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PrivateAuto Introduces PrivateAuto Pay for Safe and Secure Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Transactions

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Earnhardt Auto Centers Announces Hyundai-Kia Anti-Theft Initiative

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VueReal Inc. Announces the Appointment of Kevin Soukup, a Semiconductor Industry Veteran, as a Member of the Board of Directors

VueReal WATERLOO, Ontario, March 20, 2023 ( - 2023 continues to see growth opportunities as VueReal builds off the momentum gained from 20...

5 Out of the Top 10 Most Visited Museums of Science and Natural History Are Found in US

Visited, A popular travel app with Over 1.6 Million Users, publishes top 10 of the Most Visited Museums of Science and Natural History Based on User Data ...