Luminex 3.0 Partners With LACMA Art + Technology Lab to Unveil New Public Art to Fill the Streets of Downtown LA October 2023

Two leading organizations at the intersection of Art & Technology collaborate to present astonishing artist-driven projects exploring identity, including a brand new endeavor from mixed media innovators MUXX Project.

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LUMINEX and the LACMA Art + Technology Lab are thrilled to partner for their upcoming and highly-anticipated LUMINEX 3.0. With “Feel Me,” LUMINEX presents an elevated and accessible site-specific video art exhibition, only enhanced by the contributing work from the artists of the Art + Technology Lab.

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Unifying the downtown community around public art, this opportunity to bring world-class immersive artworks outside of gallery walls and into accessible urban landscapes for the community at-large to experience together is effortlessly enhanced by the direction of both Curator Carmen Zella, Founder & Chief Curator of NOW Art, and the LACMA Art + Technology Lab with Program Director Joel Ferree at the helm.

Establishing the importance of digital art, both in Los Angeles and beyond, they contribute some of the most influential minds of the genre. For this year’s LUMINEX, the two are honored to present MUXX Project, a brand new mixed media exploration. LACMA’s history with MUXX is rich, having worked with the group since they received a grant in 2021. Since then, MUXX has developed this interdisciplinary piece with a focus on intergenerational trauma, aligning with the Art + Technology Lab in pursuit of exploring new identities within the digital realm.

This is hardly the first time LACMA Art + Technology and LUMINEX have aligned, as notable program alumni are also some of the outdoor exhibition’s most beloved artists–including previous contributor Nancy Baker Cahill and this year’s Sarah Rara–but it does mark the beginning of a more intertwined and cohesive relationship.

As Zella explains, “This is an opportunity to work together to develop Los Angeles’s premier public large scale art exhibitions. Our partnership serves as a jumping off point to create a platform for the exploration of site-specificity and chosen mediums that explore and bridge concepts and our collective experiences.”

The Art + Technology Lab has unparalleled access to digital artists and artists who may not come equipped with digital literacy, but have a very high level of sophistication within their work. With the means to support and facilitate technology integration, they are an integral part of the creative process. In starting a collaboration with artists, they take their commitment very seriously, fostering a community that extends well beyond the scope of the project. Their work with LUMINEX is no different, kicking off a long-standing and beneficial partnership that provides a large-scale platform for work, opening a new avenue for creators.

Ferree explains the unique offering this collaboration presents, saying, “LUMINEX is a very interesting arena, because it straddles public art and the digital. People tend to associate digital work with more remote forms of engagement, this on-site exhibition provides an exciting opportunity to bring the digital into the physical and interactive world.”

About the LACMA Art + Technology Lab
Inspired by the spirit of LACMA’s original Art and Technology program (1967-1971), which paired artists with technology companies in Southern California, the Art + Technology Lab at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) supports artist experiments with emerging technology. Through the support of its sponsors, the Lab provides grants, in-kind support, and facilities at the museum to develop new artist projects. To date, over forty artists from around the world, including Ghana, Hungary, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland, have received awards through the Art + Technology Lab.

LUMINEX is an award-winning outdoor digital art exhibition in the South Park District of downtown Los Angeles. Curated by Carmen Zella, Founder & Chief Curator of NOW Art, this annual exhibition is a site-specific video art experience utilizing architecturally distinct walls, all within walking distance of one another. Each year, LUMINEX showcases internationally acclaimed and emerging Los Angeles-based artists, providing a platform for these artists to tell their stories and reach a diverse public audience. With more than 40,000 attendees combined in 2021 and 2022, plus hundreds of thousands online impressions, this exhibition continues to be an astonishing success — gathering national and international recognition, press coverage, and case study inclusion. Among its distinguished awards, LUMINEX has been recognized by the local community as TimeOut LA – Best of 2021, a TEDx Talk on ‘The healing power of public art,’ and more. View highlights from LUMINEX 2022 here. Since its inception, LUMINEX has been made possible through a unique public-private partnership. This arts forward collective, including Show Imaging, Panasonic Connect, Arup, South Park BID, and NOW Art among many others, have donated their time, expertise and resources to make world-class public art accessible to all.

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