Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

T​he new Evil Dead film has possessed audiences. The Sam Raimi-produced film is scaring audiences in the best way possible. This time the action has moved from an isolated cabin in the middle of the forest to an apartment building in a heavily populated area. What kind of havoc will the evil Necronomicon unleash upon an unsuspecting public? With this being the fifth film in the Evil Dead franchise, that means that it is full of easter eggs and references to other films in the shared universe. What Evil Dead Rise easter eggs did we find?

W​ARNING!!!!! There will be spoilers for Evil Dead Rise!

H​enrietta’s Pizzeria

Early in the film, the younger characters are sent off to get some pizza while Beth and Ellie talk. When they return, we see that the pizza box is labeled as Henrietta’s Pizzeria. There is also a picture of an older lady as part of the logo. This is a reference to the original Evil Dead. Henrietta was the large deadite chained into the cabin’s cellar. Ted Raimi played her in a giant foam suit. Henrietta and Ted Raimi would return in a time-travel episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, where Ash would again face off against his undead foe.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

T​hree Necronomicons

When Danny plays the record he finds with the Necronomicon, it mentions that this book was one of the book’s three volumes. This would help incorporate all versions of the Necronomicon we have seen across the original films, the TV series, and the 2013 remake. Realistically the remake could just be another story set at a different location than the original films. This makes it so all the films and the TV series can take place in the same cinematic world.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

D​oor Chain

A​fter Ellie is possessed by the evil that the Necronomicon has unleashed, the family chains the door to the apartment and locks the deadbolt to keep her in the hallway. Ellie tricks Kassie into unlocking the door. When she does, Ellie reaches in to grab her but is stopped by the chain on the door. The scene is shot to resemble the look of the deadites trying to escape the chained cellar in the first two Evil Dead films and the 2013 remake. Ellie’s face is pressed up to the opening of the door with her teeth bared. It’s a fun Evil Dead Rise easter egg that might not be obvious at first glance. Without having a cellar door to use, still fitting this in is great.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

E​levator Scene

W​hen a character tries to use the elevator, cables come out of the ceiling and grab her. She is suspended from the ceiling in an homage to the evil tree scene in the original film. This version is a lot less rapey in its portrayal but still is just as twisted as bones begin to break and joints are dislocated. The sounds of this trauma is enough to make you squirm in your seat. This is a fun homage to the original film without just redoing the same thing we have seen before.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

S​wallow Your Soul

A​s the c​haracters try to escape, one of the possessed yells at them that they will swallow their soul. This is a throwback to Evil Dead II. The evil deadite trapped in the cellar kept chanting that they would swallow their soul. As the action keeps ramping up, the chanting gets louder and louder until it becomes an annoying wail. Eventually, our hero Ash steps on the deadite’s neck and tells it to ‘Swallow this,’ as he shoots it with his trusty broomstick. While it is played for laughs in the older film, in this one it takes on a dark tone that gives you the creeps. Alyssa Sutherland does a great job of being as unnerving as possible on screen.

E​levator Blood

Two of our characters are trying to escape when the elevator fills with blood. They try to find a way out but get engulfed in blood. The elevator doors finally open, and a torrent of blood runs out as they fall, gasping into the hallway. This is very reminiscent of the famous shot from the movie The Shining, where the elevator doors open, and a river of blood flows out of them to cover the foyer. This easter egg seems obvious in Evil Dead Rise, but it is still fun to see.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

D​ead By Dawn

A​s Ellie is trying to attack her family, she tells them that they will be dead by dawn. This is the subtitle of Evil Dead II. The deadite locked in the cellar also tells this to the people in the cabin multiple times throughout that film. In the original film, it was thought that when the sun appeared it would cleanse the evil from those possessed. This would lead the evil beings to try and make sure they killed their subjects before the sun came up. The sun rule would eventually be abandoned but the phrase ‘Dead by Dawn’ still holds an ominous tone.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

E​ye Popping Scares

O​ne of the residents of the apartment building ends up losing an eye at one point. It pops right out of their head and flies at another survivor. This is a nod to a similar scene in Evil Dead II. The deadite in the cellar has its head smooshed in the cellar door. One of its eyes pops out and flies across the room, where it lands directly in Bobby Joe’s mouth.

Evil Dead Rise Easter Eggs

Come Get Some

W​hen Beth is in the parking garage facing off against the now combined bodies of the deadites, she is finally able to grab a chainsaw. There had to be one at some point, right? She does her hero stance and proudly proclaims, ‘Come Get Some.’ The battle then ensues with the Ellie deadite collection of bodies. This comes from the end of Army Of Darkness as Ash tells his tales of time travel in S-Mart. A customer gets possessed, and Ash is able to get his boomstick. He tells her, ‘Come Get Some’ before dispatching the deadite easily.

W​hat Evil Dead Rise easter eggs did you find? Let us know in the comments.

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