EWRC’s 21 Moves Gaming Studios Moves to SONY Picture Studios and Green Lights Development of a Third Upcoming Game

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — eWorld Companies, Inc. (OTC: EWRC) announced today that its wholly owned operating subsidiary 21 Moves Gaming Studios has relocated its official game development and production offices to the world-famous SONY Pictures Studios production lot in Culver City, CA. 21 Moves also released updates on three new games it currently has in production, including one that had not been previously announced.

The completion of this move to the SONY lot has generated a tremendous amount of excitement at the company as well as industry buzz, as 21 Moves Gaming Studios is now on the same campus as its creative production partner Big M Entertainment Pictures. The proximity and synergies encompassing both creative labs sharing the same creative campus makes it much easier for the two companies to integrate ideas and release schedules seamlessly and with greater creative impact.

One immediate impact of the move is the ability for 21 Moves to streamline development of three new games it currently has in development. Its first game for public consumption, “Last Seen: Last Night”, has now been moved into final production with preliminary beta testing, with a trailer for the game scheduled for release when game play testing is complete. “Last Seen: Last Night” is a is a first-person thriller/survival game that will be initially released on PC.

A second game now in preliminary development is the previously unannounced “LIVE”, another gripping first-person PC horror/survival game that is scheduled to be released later this summer. Details about” LIVE” are currently being kept under wraps but will be released in the near future. “LIVE” is being developed as part of a potential gaming / film franchise to be produced in concert with a companion feature film produced by Big M Entertainment.

The third game currently in development is based on Big M Entertainment’s feature-length documentary “Trees – A Planetary Treasure” and is scheduled for release later this year. The “Trees” film was produced Big M Entertainment in association with United Cinematograf, written and directed by Marvin Williams, and released in 2021. It stars Eric Roberts (“Runaway Train”, “The Dark Knight’, “Inherent Vice”, “The Expendables”) and features original music by Hosam Ibrahim (“The Passion of the Christ”, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”, “Hospice 2020”, “Surveillance- Awakening”). The film has received high critical acclaim and is currently viewable on TUBI.tv, and expectations are high for the accompanying game by 21 Moves.

21 Moves President Marvin Williams commented, “We are very excited about both the move of our production studios to the SONY lot and especially to the synergy we are forming with both Big M Entertainment Pictures and other associated film and gaming companies. The future looks bright for our creative labs, and we anticipate releasing a series of announcements in the near future regarding game, film, TV and potentially music-related ventures from 21 Moves and our creative media partners. The global PC Game market is forecasted to reach $32.11 Billion by 2030, and this move is allowing us to rapidly increase our pace and develop momentum as we move to capitalize this marketplace.”


eWorld Companies, Inc. is the parent company of 21 Moves Gaming Studios, 21 Moves is a hybrid multi-media platform gaming company dedicated to creating immersive and innovative gaming experiences that may also run parallel to future film titles and media releases. Current titles in development & production include “Trees”, “Last Seen: Last Night”, “Live” & “Rosmond: Invisible Invasion”, all of which are single player horror/suspense video games. The company’s overall strategy is to allow in-house game titles the story adaptability for potential film, TV or alternate media format release, with the ultimate goal of becoming a major contributor to the future of passive and interactive entertainment.

21 Moves is positioning itself for rapid expansion by offering a unique portfolio of game releases that reach across various platforms, including hybridized IP & Game titles that are specific to PC, Mobile, VR or AR interface experiences. Titles are being developed to include single and multiplayer versions, depending on each respective game’s story and supporting media format. The company’s commitment extends to delivering diverse and accessible gaming options with story/interactive potential that caters to the preferences and interests of a global audience. Games/titles will be available for purchase and download through online industry and recognized Gaming & App stores.

The gaming industry is a global economic powerhouse with a current estimated worth of $214 billion and a projected year-on-year growth of 7.9% through 2027. The mobile gaming sector alone accounts for a significant portion of this revenue, reflecting the widespread accessibility of games through smartphones and tablets. With more than 3 billion gamers worldwide (and growing), the industry’s expansive reach showcases its pervasive influence on a diverse audience. The industry also continues to expand into new markets, such as the e-sports sector, which recently emerged as a key player by reaching a valuation at approximately $1.45 billion in 2022 and attracting massive new viewership and sponsorship opportunities.

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EWRC’s 21 Moves Gaming Studios Moves to SONY Picture Studios and Green Lights Development of a Third Upcoming Game

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