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BROOKFIELD, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2024 / — In this complex and ever-changing world, good leadership creates a brighter and better future for all of us. The best leaders bring new thinking, fresh perspectives, and contribute to a more inclusive world. Studies show time and time again that when leaders adopt a cognitive leadership style, it is a key component for a more productive and profitable workplace that accelerates growth, innovation, and performance. But how can we exactly identify what the qualities of a good leader are? Based on his own experience and an inquisitive perspective, Darrin S. McCall, author of the newly released book, The Recipe to Seasoned Leadership – Basic Ingredients to Transform Your Work Presence, lays out the methodology to change your leadership approach and create a more inclusive culture.

Written in an upbeat conversational tone with helpful advice and personal anecdotes for reference and explanation, Darrin’s book provides practical tips and questions for deep reflection and theorizing from a practical viewpoint. Darrin delves deep into core attributes that are the paramount qualities of leadership.

These attributes are the foundation and components consistently found in “seasoned leaders” within an organization. They are often carried outside the workplace and play an important role in our communities as well, as you will find out in the book.

Darrin started this journey with a LinkedIn survey, asking individuals what they believe are the most essential qualities of a good leader. Interestingly enough, he discovered that we all perceive our own thoughts and information differently based on experiences, beliefs, and attitudes, but at the same time we are all logically speaking different ideologies. In other words, others do not see or interpret the world the same way we do.

This survey came up with a total of 127 attributes. Darrin was able to narrow it down to 10 attributes by selecting “the most reoccurring attributes.” These were the most common characteristics that resonate with employees. The ten attributes are ethics, accountability, honesty, fairness, supportive, communicator, passionate, visionary, consistency, and committed.

Now that he had ten attributes of what purpose driven leaders need to possess, Darrin decided to put these attributes into action to encourage and help leaders hone these top qualities to influence workplace change. The success of this transitional process prompted Darrin to write his book focusing on these 10 key attributes.

Darrin emphasizes how good leaders must therefore consistently embody and integrate these key leadership attributes into everyday business life interactions. All of these elements and more are woven through the most authentic, successful leaders which foster the highest forms of human expression, and pivotal growth.

His book contains exercises, and the readers are encouraged to score themselves at the end of each chapter. Once we discover the real meaning of those attributes it shifts how leaders deliver leadership to their teams, so it is absolutely life-changing.

Darrin asserts that since we all “see” and perceive our own reality, we believe that our definition of what is ethical to be a common standard, and we evaluate others on that one; in reality we need to be truly open to one another’s viewpoints and in a sense, meet in the middle. That is why at the end of each chapter in his book, the reader is directed to write definitions of what it means to Want, Will or Won’t embrace that attribute. For instance, “visionary,” or “compassion” will mean various things to us all, so once we find a common ground we can work from there. In his book, Darrin offers solutions that are literally groundbreaking.

Moreover, Darrin emphasizes that this is an excellent book not only for leaders but for all of us to read because, quite simply, it applies to everyone, personally and professionally.

Darrin emphasizes that once leaders apply these principles, the workforce will perceive you as a truly skillful, emotionally intelligent leader, one who people will want to follow.

“We haven’t solved our world’s most pressing problems,” Darrin says. “We still have unethical people in leadership roles, personal division, and an inability to have productive conversation”, but his book offers a beacon of hope that cultivates a high-performance leadership mindset that is empowering us all to lead successful, joyful, purpose-driven lives.

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