Castro Oasis Embraces the American Car Dream

Most high-end car detailing services won't bother looking at cars that are valued under 50,000. Castro, on the other hand, will service any car with the same amount of care.

Castro Oasis

A vintage car in front of the high-end car detailing shop.

Luis Castro knows cars. He learned the basics of driving at a precocious nine years of age, and since then he's been hooked. When given the chance to work with cars or work for Bechtel, he wound up choosing the cars - much to the surprise of everyone around him. Now, he brings that passion and that drive to his dream business: Castro Oasis.

"I've been a car guy all my life," says Castro, the owner and CEO of the high-end car wash and detailing company. "I wanted to create a place where we can not only be transparent with customers, but also offer them unparalleled service."

The son of an immigrant, Castro knows what it means to work hard for what he has. He labored 80 to 100 hours per week for his father, and now does the same for his clients. He says that working that much for his father was a turning point for him. He realized that he wanted to own his own location to bring his love of cars to others.

Castro has an unusual philosophy when it comes to servicing cars. Most high-end car detailing services won't even bother looking at cars that are valued under 50,000. Castro, on the other hand, will service any car with the same amount of care.

"I treat customer cars better than my own," admits Castro, going on to explain that he believes that no matter what you drive, you should be able to receive top quality service and care.

Castro's detailing service is impressive by itself, with a lobby that features high-speed internet, lounge furniture, and an inviting atmosphere. What is perhaps more impressive is the amount of land it sits on: a cleared area that's perfect for events.

"We want customers to have an experience when they come here," says Castro, explaining that he hosts large-scale events such as car shows at his location. In fact, Castro hosts about one car show per month, updating the schedule on his Facebook page. His goal is to make Castro Oasis a destination location for all car lovers.

He's well on his way. Castro Oasis is making a name for itself in the local car community since it not only offers detailing services, but also hand car washes with attention to quality. Castro himself hopes to make more of a name for his business over time as he continues to expand, admitting that this is a passion project for him - one that he hopes succeeds.

"My passion for cars won out. That's why I'm here," says Castro. 

You can find out more about Castro Oasis and their upcoming events by visiting their website.

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